The Day I Finally Escape

Day 1 I’ve been sent to prison for something that my little twin brother did! This place is awful. All we have for food is disgusting curry. I walk in and I see Logan’s cell and him digging out with a metal spoon. … 99 days later … Logan is still trying to dig out with a metal spoon. The guard is knocking on the prisoners’ cell doors and checking on everyone.  Finally I have found a way out!  I use the other prisoners clothes to make a fake me!I place it down and tell the others to follow me.We sneak out the vent and … 

The Failed Escapee

A fierce tendency to break free wrapped around my spine like a vine covered in sharp thorns. Stabbing me forward. “Cell 138?” asked the guard brusquely.  “Here,” answered the prisoner wearily, holding her stomach in hunger. At this time food was scarce, a small portion of rice was the best food she had had in days. “I must leave, I didnt even commit the crime I was framed for,” she thought out loud, replete with despair and hopelessness.As darkness crept in, she carefully slipped through the bars. Her face turned as pale as a porcelain doll.“Where are you going?” questioned a man in a black cloak… 

The Spooky Cell

As the other old, wrinkly prisoners find objects to make a dummy, I am scratching ‘day number 367’ on my chalkboard. I hear the air vents crackling from the other prisoners escaping. Unexpectedly, I hear a loud bell and a croaky, old man’s voice on the PA saying, “All prisoners come to the Cafeteria  … immediately”All the other prisoners had dirty looks on their faces. The officer called out the jobs for everyone and, of course, I got laundry duty. As I walked to the laundry room the smell of the room made me gag. I hated all the stinky socks and undies. It was so terrible. I escaped and no one ever saw me again.

The Explosive Cabbage

BOOM! CRASH! BANG! “Oh no. Has the explosive cabbage already exploded!?” asked JimmyNarrator: Let’s get back to the start so you all know what’s going on, okay?One rainy, cold day Jimmy’s mum, Mary Anne, took Jimmy to the grocery store.“Jimmy, do not mistake explosive, round cabbage with normal, healthy cabbage, okay?” explained Mary Anne.“By the way, make sure you remind me to get the rare, silver, grey apple because they are ninety nine percent off! Plus this is only a one time offer!” yelled Mary Anne.Jimmy went past the cabbages he gathered all the cabbages and apples without noticing, including the explosive ones!. What will happen if they plant the cabbages?

Haunted Halloween

BANG, CRASH, SPLAT! It’s Halloween night and vandals are throwing round pumpkins and pieces of cabbage at me. I’m running out of breath, my heart beating like a drum. All the witches, vampires and clowns are coming my way.My grey face paint is dripping off of my face because of my sweat. All the little kids with their little kiddie costumes are running nervously with their parents. This is the most haunted Halloween ever. I run back to my house, with no lollies. These odd strangers come into my house and scare the life out of me. The next day I awake in hospital …

The Grocery Store

Jack went to the grocery store. His mum specifically told him NOT to buy anything but a round cabbage. Jack looked around the store, careful not to approach the candy aisle because he knew he couldn’t control himself. Just seeing grey gumballs would send him out of control. Sadly, he couldn’t help himself.He nervously walked down the candy aisle and faced the gumballs. He reached for them and darted out of the store. He completely forgot about the cabbage. Suddenly, he heard a bang. It was a cop’s gun. I forgot to get the cabbage and pay. Mum is not going to be happy! Jack thought.

The Mystery

The only thing in sight was sand. Sand. Sand. And sand. The sun was burning blisters on my skin. The heat was unbearable, so I walked on, and on, and on. Climbing up insanely large sand dunes. My bare feet were on fire and I didn’t even care. I couldn’t even see my hands. I collapsed. The only thing is sight was-black. Black. Black, and a face? I was flying through the sky over the dunes and far, far away. I wake up. I’m not flying anymore but I’m at school and my teacher is speaking to me in a calm but serious voice.

The Wrecking Ball

“You will be late for school!”My mum shouted as I raced swiftly down the the stairs.      “Sorry!” i shouted as I took a bite out of my bread and chugged on some milk. As i entered my crowded school, the sound of the high pitched bell filled the air .Then there was an announcement  “EVERYONE TAKE SHELTER!!” “ARGH!” a kid screamed  A building nearby was shaking and it was shaking so hard that our school was shaking. It was the guy with the wrecking ball crane. Instead of taking shelter, i ran home like an impala swiftly running from a cheetah. I got to my building and looked back.The building shook and then fell to the ground.

The Big Blueberry

You must know the story of Scarlett from the chocolate factory and how she blew up as a blueberry. That was a movie. The same thing happened to me, but in real life. It all started when my best friend, Lily and I had a sleepover at my house… “Ok truth or dare” Lily said looking deep into my eyes. “Um … dare” I mumbled in reply. “Ok, then drink this water” Lily grinned, handing me a cup of water. As I drank the water, something tingled inside of me like bubbles. Suddenly I blew up, exactly like Scarlett, but bigger. The building shook and then …SMASH, my head was above the roof, looking down at the house below.

Super Taco

One regular day at school, a boy named Daniel had a taco for lunch. He took it out and had a bite, his taco turned into a super taco. Suddenly, he somehow saw a battle between Godzilla and King Kong a few miles away from the school. The taco flew there incredibly quickly and shot gigantic meat balls! King Kong fell hard and hit the most biggest building. The building shook and then it was so close to falling. Super taco flew incredibly fast and shot taco shells to hold it back in place.The crowd shouted loudly to thank Super Taco for saving the city.