The Explosive Cabbage

BOOM! CRASH! BANG! “Oh no. Has the explosive cabbage already exploded!?” asked Jimmy
Narrator: Let’s get back to the start so you all know what’s going on, okay?
One rainy, cold day Jimmy’s mum, Mary Anne, took Jimmy to the grocery store.
“Jimmy, do not mistake explosive, round cabbage with normal, healthy cabbage, okay?” explained Mary Anne.
“By the way, make sure you remind me to get the rare, silver, grey apple because they are ninety nine percent off! Plus this is only a one time offer!” yelled Mary Anne.
Jimmy went past the cabbages he gathered all the cabbages and apples without noticing, including the explosive ones!. What will happen if they plant the cabbages?

Martin Kilmas Exploding Vegetables | Martin klimas, Movement photography,  Bio food

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