Sweaty Horses

The building shook and then Isadora woke up to find her mum shaking her shoulders. “Issie get up, the horses are not going to feed themselves.” Issie groaned but obeyed. Her horses were called golden sunshine, her flashy jumper and Stardust her flea bitten gray dressage horse. Isadora loved her horses more than anything. Even her mum. She loved her horses more than her mum. When she got to the stables, golden popped her head over her stable door. Other girls were doing their stable chores. “ time to exercise some horses!” Issie muttered. She tacked up golden and rode into the arena. Golden decided to buck. “Great!” Issie yelled as she flew across the arena.

What to do with a bolting, bucking pony? - Official Site of Stacy Westfall

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