The Wrecking Ball

“You will be late for school!”My mum shouted as I raced swiftly down the the stairs.      “Sorry!” i shouted as I took a bite out of my bread and chugged on some milk. As i entered my crowded school, the sound of the high pitched bell filled the air .Then there was an announcement  “EVERYONE TAKE SHELTER!!” “ARGH!” a kid screamed  A building nearby was shaking and it was shaking so hard that our school was shaking. It was the guy with the wrecking ball crane. Instead of taking shelter, i ran home like an impala swiftly running from a cheetah. I got to my building and looked back.The building shook and then fell to the ground.

The Big Blueberry

You must know the story of Scarlett from the chocolate factory and how she blew up as a blueberry. That was a movie. The same thing happened to me, but in real life. It all started when my best friend, Lily and I had a sleepover at my house… “Ok truth or dare” Lily said looking deep into my eyes. “Um … dare” I mumbled in reply. “Ok, then drink this water” Lily grinned, handing me a cup of water. As I drank the water, something tingled inside of me like bubbles. Suddenly I blew up, exactly like Scarlett, but bigger. The building shook and then …SMASH, my head was above the roof, looking down at the house below.

Super Taco

One regular day at school, a boy named Daniel had a taco for lunch. He took it out and had a bite, his taco turned into a super taco. Suddenly, he somehow saw a battle between Godzilla and King Kong a few miles away from the school. The taco flew there incredibly quickly and shot gigantic meat balls! King Kong fell hard and hit the most biggest building. The building shook and then it was so close to falling. Super taco flew incredibly fast and shot taco shells to hold it back in place.The crowd shouted loudly to thank Super Taco for saving the city.  

Sweaty Horses

The building shook and then Isadora woke up to find her mum shaking her shoulders. “Issie get up, the horses are not going to feed themselves.” Issie groaned but obeyed. Her horses were called golden sunshine, her flashy jumper and Stardust her flea bitten gray dressage horse. Isadora loved her horses more than anything. Even her mum. She loved her horses more than her mum. When she got to the stables, golden popped her head over her stable door. Other girls were doing their stable chores. “ time to exercise some horses!” Issie muttered. She tacked up golden and rode into the arena. Golden decided to buck. “Great!” Issie yelled as she flew across the arena.

The Damaging Dragon

Boom! CRASH! The dragon flew through the sky as fast as a race car, crashing into planes and cars. People were yelling and screaming for help. As the red, feisty dragon flies through the air he spots a building. The gathering of people realized what the creature had spotted. Everyone was petrified. The wind rushed through the air as the dragon tried to crash into the  tremendously high building. As the dragon got closer and closer to the building. The structure shook and then fell into minor pieces. People were shocked. Happily the dragon flew away in his nest because he had accomplished his mission. Everyone was sad because the building could not be fixed.

The Violent Visitor

My moist fingers slid across the grainy bricks… Sweat trickled down my wet forehead..“AHH!” “Finally, My own place!” I exclaimed, thrilled as I flopped onto the cozy mattress.‘Creak..’ I paused anxiously, The room went as silent as a funeral home. A shivering breath caressed my shaky ankles. My heart skipped a beat, The building shook and then a dark silhouette covered my view. The strange figure violently threw me out of my apartment window, I frightfully grasped onto the bricks, but it was no use. I continued to fall down to the empty night street below.

The Horrible Attack

“ALERT ALERT! EVERYONE EVACUATE FROM THE CITY!” Sirens echoed throughout the city, A warning for everyone to escape. “ROAR!,” yelled Godzilla while aggressively stomping and breathing out blue mysterious fire. Godzilla was ruining the city. “CRASH!” cars were getting thrown with so much anger by Godzilla. Pew! A bright portal flashed out of nowhere. “Hello Godzilla” The strange robot said, “I am here to destroy you” The robot laughed evilly. “ROAR!”  Godzilla shouted with pure anger. Godzilla jumped on top of the robot and started to tackle the robot. It was a super intense battle, The robot pushed Godzilla into a tall building. The building shook and then it collapsed.